Yoel Arcenio

Artistic work: drawing, painting
Year: 1991
Home: Zurich
Web: here

About the edition:

„All in my Head“ is a translation of the act of an Incubus. For the edition with Yoel we have chosen a drawing with extremely fine and detailed lines. The multi-layered color prints coating the paper and its relation, is an interpretive representation of the Incubus who lays on topf of the female body.


Title: All in my Head
Size: 1 print is 30 x 40 cm
Technique: double-sided screen print, each 4 colors
All in my Head Pink- 250 gm/m2 watercolor paper
All in my Head Gelb – 275 gm/m2 watercolor paper
All in my Head Blau – 420 gm/m2 watercolor paper
All in my Head Pfirsich – 220 gm/m2 watercolor paper
Edition: each 6 pieces + 3 AP

Year: 2016

The edition is in a set (numbered 1-3) and as a single print (numbered 4-6)  available.


yoel-pink-text yoel-gelb-textyoel-blau2yoel-blau-textyoe-hautfarbe2yoel-hautfarben-text