Angela Osterwalder

Animals in apocalyptic movies


Part of the 12 positions serie

In this series the artist is invited to deal with the phenomenon of the pop culture as a state in our society. Angela Osterwalder questions about the treatment of animals in apocalyptical movies. For that she watches well known apocalyptical movies where the animals had a relevant role for the outcome of the movie. The three prints set the claims that the animals are the reason of the apocalypse, the one who survive it, friends as well as the enemy are.

About the artist:

Angela Osterwalder is a contemporary mixed media and installation artist from Zürich, Switzerland, who works in a collecitve called OsterwalderAraya. This year she will get her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. In her artistic practice she explores the symbioses and the conception of the living beings. She questioned their awareness in relation to the culture-based classification. Based on that she tries to avoid an allocation or delimitation, rather the connection should be build and show possibilities of how the environment can be brought closer together.


Title: Animals in apocalyptic movies
Size: 30 x 40 cm
Technique: Screen printing, 2 colors
Paper: 500 gm/m2 Bristol carton
Edition: 5 pieces + 2 AP
Year: 2018