Lucas Toni / Serge Germann

Alles was glänzt…


A chain reaction of transformations. With project Karl Lucas „Toni“ Ziegler & Serge Germann question the hyperaesthetic of the consumption. In their photos they stage silver and golden disposable items with the same tools such as adverts for luxury products. Their photos experience new transformation for this edition. During the printing process, the staging alienates again, so the question comes up, whether the print becomes now a critic or glorification of the hyperaesthetic?


Title: Alles was glänzt…
Size: 50 x 60 cm
Technique: Screen printing, 5 colors
Paper: 300 gm/m2 Bristol carton
Edition: 7 pieces + 5 AP

Year: 2016

About the artists:

Artistic work: Photography
Year: 1978/ 1985d
Home: both Zurich